Wellness Care

We provide complete support for your annual checkups including birth control and STD protection along with Pap and Breast exams.

The Pap Test
Abnormal Pap Test Results
Genital Herpes
Gonorrhea, Chlamydia & Syphilis
HIV Infection and Women
www.thehpvtest.comAdolescent Health
Premenstrual Syndrome
Your first gynecology exam
The Pap Test
Protecting against HPV (Gardasil)
Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases

MammographyBreast Health Detecting and Treating Breast Problems
Performing a Breast Self ExaminationFibrocystic Breast Changes

Contraception and Family Planning
Birth Control
Natural Family Planning
Barrier Methods of Contraception
Birth Control Pills
Hormonal Contraception
The Intrauterine Device
Sterilization for Women and Men